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Posted On: Saturday, March 14, 2020

Jeremy Nixon HedshotCongratulations to Jeremy Nixon for receiving the 2020 George F. Leist Distinguished Teacher Award. Mr. Nixon is a biology teacher at the Junior/Senior High School.

The Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) presents the award annually to a teacher who has provided outstanding help and inspiration to his or her students. Each year, over 48 JSHS symposia are held throughout the United States. The award was made in conjunction with the 57th Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium March 11-13. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the event was held virtually. 

Also at the event, eight OH students presented. Junior Kavita Parikh was named as a third-place winner in the Research Paper Award contest. She received a $1,000 Ohio JSHS College Scholarship and the opportunity to present her paper (virtually) at the April 15-18 national conference.

In addition to Kavita, the other OH students were:

  • Senior Claire Denk (poster presenter): “Chronic Exposure to E-cigarette Containing Nicotine Effects regarding Neuroinflammation in the Brain”
  • Senior Drew Hoffman (poster presenter): “Contribution of Satellite Cells to Muscle Regeneration”
  • Junior Ishan S. Khare (paper presenter): “Sodium pnictogen chalcogenides for photovoltaic and thermoelectric renewable energy generation”
  • Junior Zakaria Maaieh (poster presenter): “The Causes of Aneuploidy Cancer: Investigating the Role of Phosphorylation Site S62A in Mitotic Arrest Deficient 1 (MAD1)”
  • Senior Deepta Paramasamy (poster presenter): “Investigating A Real Life Symbiotic Anomaly: Siderophore Producing Bacteria and Algae in Alkaline Environments”
  • Junior Danielle Sun (poster presenter): “The Effects of Antibiotics on Arterial Function in Hypertension”
  • Senior Ramya Talla (poster presenter): “Analysis of Spexin mRNA and Protein Expression During Metabolic States of Feeding and Fasting”

In Ohio, the JSHS is sponsored by Bowling Green State University and the Northwest Ohio Center of Excellence, with continued support of the U.S. Army Research Office, U.S. Office of Naval Research, and U.S. Air Force Research Office.

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