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‘Lucky You’ auction raises nearly $9K for OH athletes, teams

Posted On: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The “Lucky You: It’s a No-Show Auction” turned out to be lucky indeed for the OH Boosters, as the 12-day event raised nearly $9,000 for Green Bear athletes and teams.

The auction’s biggest attraction: the High School Graduation VIP Package 2021. It had 76 bids, including the winning one for $3,250.

The March 6-17 event raised $10,001: $9,001 from the no-show  auction and $1,000 in direct donations. After expenses and fees, the event returned $8,900 to OH Boosters for support of Green Bear athletics.

“Our early estimation was a profit of $5,000, so this is very exciting,” said Elle Cotterman, one of the event’s co-chairs.

Other top items (by bids placed) were:

  • Library Sleepover: 32 bids and a final selling price of $420.
  • OHHS Parking space: 28 bids and a final selling price of $560.
  • ABCs of December: 26 bids and a final selling price of $190.
  • OHHS Graduation VIP Package 2020: 25 bids and a final selling price of $530.

Other notable items with high selling prices were:

  • OHES Parking Space ($675).
  • 1-Year Boosters Membership for a family of 4 ($260)
  • 1-Year Boosters Membership for a family of 6 ($280)
  • Riding with the Law ($275)
  • Sewing with Mrs. Machur ($230)

Organizers want to thank these individuals for their donations: Ben McMurray, Kori Kawczynski, Adam Fineske, Tammy Talmage, police Chief John Wenzlick, Michael Yuschak, Rebecca McLean, Kimberly Manchur, OH Boosters Executive Board/Kathy Lathrop, and the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association Executive Board/Megan Meinerding and Kate Walter.

The 40 winning bidders have been notified via text from Otego and sent a confirmation of credit card charges. Early next month, each receives an email certificate with redemption instructions. Also included will be information with instructions in case the item is cancelled.

The event was made possible by a four-member committee: Mrs. Cotterman and fellow co-chair Julie Kowalczyk; Carrie Julius for her beautiful graphic design work and effort creating custom branding for the event; and Michelle Walker for her impeccable work in getting bid data into the Qtego software (and her forethought four years ago to move to an electronic auction format for Green Bear Ball so organizers this year had access to data to direct decisions of which items to offer).


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