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Science Expo celebrates student achievements

Posted On: Friday, March 6, 2020

For lovers of science, there is nothing unlucky about Friday the 13th next week at the Elementary School. The building’s annual "Science Expo" on March 13 is devoted to explorations of science, from chemistry shows and rocket demonstrations to exhibits prepared by 6th graders.

While the event's main purpose is to shine a spotlight on the capstone projects of 6th graders, it also fills the building with science demonstrations and hands-on projects for all grades. One such activity sure to excite attendees is the "Extreme Chemistry Show" presented by staff from Toledo's Imagination Station. Lasting about 45 minutes, the demo explores fundamental science concepts such as water defying gravity and a liquid that is minus-320 degree Fahrenheit.

During the day's first hour, Junior/Senior High School students will review the students' science projects (presented in posterboard format) and provide feedback. Then, parents and students from other grades take turns viewing the projects. All exhibits will be inside the old gym.

Following lunch, a building-wide celebration of science begins. Students and their teachers will:

  • Examine the science behind rockets with Reed Steele, who has been a part of every Science Expo. He teaches students about rocketry and space exploration through exciting demonstrations, including mini-rocket launches inside and larger rocket launches outside.
  • study the life of animals through a presentation by staff at the Toledo Zoo; 
  • learn about the unique properties of the mathematical constant known as Pi (a day before International Pi Day on 3.14). This presentation includes real pie from Schmucker's Restaurant.
  • do hands-on experiments with 7th graders from the Junior High, led by their science teacher Nicole Silvers (also an annual contributor since the Expo’s inception). Older students will lead the younger ones in demonstrations that make clouds in a bottle; teach about energy with bounce/no-bounce balls; and explain air-pressure properties using a marshmallow masher
  • Examine the biology and therapeutic properties of plants, led by Village resident Mary Machon and owner of Bensell Greenhouse on Dorr Street.

The event was first held in 2012. It started as a way to showcase the work of 5th graders and later expanded to include the science work of 6th graders. It’s now exclusively for 6th graders. It is organized by Jonathon Siebenaler, a 6th-grade teacher who also leads the grade’s science curriculum.

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