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Page updated: July 10, 2019

If you are interested, now is the time to purchase your child’s TARTA bus pass.

  • A pass for the 2019-2020 school year is $300 per child.
  • If your child plans to ride the bus occasionally (instead of daily), the cost is $1.50 per ride. Children need to have $1.50 at the time they board the bus.

To order a pass, write a check payable to “TARTA” and mail or deliver to Karen Mayfield in the superintendent’s office (3600 Indian Road). Please include your child(ren) name and grade level(s) with the check. In order to have your child’s pass ready for the opening of school (Tuesday, Aug. 20), please get your check to the superintendent’s office as soon as possible and no later than Friday, Aug. 9. You may pick up your bus passes on Monday, August 19, between 1 and 4 p.m. at the superintendent’s office.

Details about morning and afternoon pick-up, drop-off:

  • TARTA will use two buses for morning pick-up; drop-offs will be at each building. TARTA will use three buses in the afternoon: two for the elementary building and one for the junior/senior high building. Printed maps of the bus routes, street-by-street timeline, and bus conduct rules will be provided when you pick up your passes.
  • TARTA does not provide bus service on exam or early-release days.
  • TARTA and the Ottawa Hills Local Schools request that parents condense the number of stops the driver makes. Work with your neighbors to decide where the stops will be near your home(s).
  • These are not “yellow school buses” and the driver will not wait for children to come to the stop; nor can the driver stop at every house.
  • Children must wait for the bus on the same side of the street as the bus is traveling.
  • We partner with TARTA to provide safe and secure transportation services for every child, so following the rules is of utmost importance. Once a child has boarded the bus, the safest place is on the bus until he or she arrives at their building.

Additional information about the TARTA bus pass program:

  • If you decide to purchase a pass after August 9, the district will order it for you. But you will be responsible for paying and picking it up in person at TARTA. It also may cost more if TARTA changes its rates.
  • Lost bus passes are replaced at a cost of $5. The district will order the replacement, but parents will be responsible for paying and picking it up in person at TARTA.
  • TARTA is public transportation and the school district works to coordinate services between TARTA and district families. We do not have a contract with TARTA for services. However, TARTA does everything within its control and the bounds of the law to ensure buses used for morning and afternoon pick-up and delivery are uniquely used for Ottawa Hills students only.

Please contact Karen Mayfield at 419-536-6371 or kmayfield@ohschools.org with any questions regarding TARTA’s service for Ottawa Hills Local Schools.

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