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Last Updated: 7/2/2019 7:25 PM

Ottawa Hills Local Schools uses Google calendars, which allows our community to easily integrate and sync district events using Google’s services. Follow these instructions to subscribe to our calendars.

1. Sign in to your Google account.

Google sign-in screen







2. After signing in, visit the District Events Calendar page.

3. Click the “+ Google Calendar” icon at the bottom of the calendar.

District events calendar image

















4. Doing so redirects you to our Google calendars. Select the ones you want and then click "Add all".

Add calendar image





















Note: If your screen does not allow you to see all of our calendars from your Google Account, you can use your Zoom Out feature in your browser to view all items. (In your web browser, Go to "View" and select "Zoom Out".)

Alternate methods of subscribing via Google

  1. Sign in to your Google account and go to your calendar.
  2. Click the disclosure triangle next to "Other calendars".
  3. Click “From URL”.
  4. Paste in the appropriate URL from our list of possible calendars.

Subscribe using the iCal format

You also can subscribe to our Google calendars from other calendar applications by copying and pasting the link(s) below into any calendar product that supports iCal formats. Right click on a calendar below and select "Copy Link Address".

District calendars

Junior High Sports Calendars

High School - Varsity Sports Calendars

High School - Junior Varsity Sports Calendars

High School - Freshmen Sports Calendars

Hills Local Schools has migrated its calendars from DynaCal to Google Calendars. This migration will allow our community to easily integrate and sync with our district events using Google’s Services. Please follow the attached directions if you would like to subscribe to one of our calendars. While the attached directions are specifically for Google Calendar Services, you can subscribe to our calendars from other applications by copying and pasting the link(s) below into any calendar product that supports iCal formats. Possible Calendar Subscriptions 7th Grade Boys Basketball 7th Grade Girls Basketball 7th Grade Volleyball 8th Grade Boys Basketball 8th Grade Girls Basketball Boys Varsity Soccer Boys Varsity Tennis Schedule Boys/Girls Varsity Track Schedule District Calendar Freshman Boys Basketball Girls Varsity Lacrosse Schedule Girls Varsity Soccer Girls Varsity Tennis Ice Hockey Junior High Field Hockey Junior High Football Junior High Track and Field Junior Varsity Baseball Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Junior Varsity Field Hockey Junior Varsity Football Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Junior Varsity Girls Lacrosse Junior Varsity Volleyball OHES Activities & Field Trips Varsity Baseball Schedule Varsity Boys Basketball Varsity Cross Country Varsity Field Hockey Varsity Football Varsity Girls Basketball Varsity Golf Varsity Softball Schedule Varsity Volleyball Village Life - See more at:
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