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OH21 fundraisers allow OH21 to support Teen PEP, OHBreathe, Keeping Our Girls Safe, and AfterProm, along with other wellness-related community initiatives.


OH21 News & Past Events


Snacks for the STUDIO 

During December 2019 exams, OH21 provided healthy snacks during the study sessions at the STUDIO.

Keep Our Girls Safe! SELF DEFENSE CLASS for all Freshmen
OH21 sponsored the free self-defense course KOGS (Keeping Our Girls Safe) for all freshmen.  The class instructed participants basic self-defense including how to be aware of surroundings, stay alert (and not distracted while walking alone), be assertive with potential attackers, and strike an aggressor.  The class covers the legal aspects of self-defense and provides valuable hands-on practice and confidence.  

OH21 Chill-Out Spot and De-Stress Packs

OH21 sold De-Stress Packs to help Jr./Sr. High School students cope with the stress of final exams.  Parents pre-ordered the packs.

Mints, Color Pages, Stress Balls, Play-Doh were made available during the week of first semester exams.  Thanks also to Jenn McCullough for hosting two mindfulness sessions!  

Photograph of OH21 Table with Stress Relieving Items


Challenge Crew Coat Drive

Thanks to everyone who donated coats during the Challenge Crew Coat Drive!  Sixty-five coats were delivered to the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital.   Thanks to the members of Challenge Crew who created the fabulous boxes and delivered the donations.

photo of two coat drive boxes


At a typical Ottawa Hills theatrical production, the adjacent Multi Purpose Room serves as a lobby of sorts, using signs and photos to promote the production while also being transformed into an alternative space, whether magical (“Willy Wonka”), exotic (“Lion King”), or scientific (“Young Frankenstein”). For the fall production of “Next to Normal”, OH21 transformed the room into a space of understanding.

To accomplish that, they introduced an educational component to help show-goers better understand the issues addressed in the performance, including bipolar disorder, alcohol abuse, depression, suicide, and anxiety disorder. The room featured a resource area where patrons learned about the many Toledo-area agencies that address mental illness. By reinventing the space, OH21’s goal was to destigmatize mental illness and begin a conversation within Ottawa Hills about how it impacts students’, and therefore families’, lives.

OH21 partnered with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for this effort. Reaching out to NAMI is the first step many families take when facing a mental health crisis. The organization has intake counselors who assess needs and then direct as appropriate to treatment and therapy. It also coordinates education programs and support groups for families and individuals. “So many individuals hide their mental illness or, worse, try to cope with the illness without professional treatment,” said Laura Randall, president of OH21. “This often leads to self-medication with drugs and alcohol.”

To further encourage community-wide discussion, OH21 invited representatives of the mental illness community to view the November 30 12:30 p.m. dress rehearsal for free. Those guests experienced both the talent on the stage and information stations inside the Multi Purpose Room and saw what the district is doing to address mental illness.

OH21 Red Ribbon Week 2018! October 29 - November 2
Congratulations to the 7th grade class who earned the top score in Mrs. Kleeberger's lunchtime and costume competitions!.  

Students received pencils and used them to write on various drug and alcohol prevention prompts. 

OH21 is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization - Donations may be sent to "Treasurer, OH21" 2532 Evergreen Road Ottawa Hills, OH 43606

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