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In partnership with our community, Ottawa Hills Local Schools will challenge and inspire each student to realize his or her unique potential; to embrace learning as a lifelong process; and to become an active, responsible citizen.


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"Treasurer Talk" May 24th

Treasurer Brad Browne pictured at his deskJoin District Treasurer Brad Browne, Superintendent Kevin Miller, and Board of Education members for an Ottawa Hills Schools “Treasurer Talk” on Wednesday, May 24 at 5:30 pm in the Community Room.
Topics covered will range from an overview of the district’s various funds to real estate taxes, state aide, how district funds are spent, and more.
If you have specific questions or topics you would like addressed, email Brad Browne at bbrowne@ohschools.org

Sevar Mian Wins Symphony Scholarship

Sevar Mian pictured holding his violinOttawa Hills Elementary student Sevar Mian was recently awarded a scholarship from the Toledo Symphony League Remembrance Fund. Sevar joined the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestra last year and has been enjoying playing first violin. He chose "Concerto in A Minor. 1st Movement" by A. Vivaldi to play for the judges.  

The Toledo Symphony League provides merit scholarships for talented students who are members of the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestra. Congratulations, Sevar!

Village Life Summer Camps '17

Village Life Summer Camp Logo

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Mrs. Sendi is Named "Master Educator" by the ESC of Lake Erie West

Mrs. Sendi pictured holding her awardOttawa Hills Elementary Intervention Specialist Carole Sendi has been named this year's "Master Educator" by the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West.

Brenda Gift, Director of Students Services and Special Programs at the ESC, noted in her nomination of Mrs. Sendi: "Carole works with special needs students as well as those who need other interventions at Ottawa Hills.

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Wax Museum

"Maria Tallchief" posing with her parents

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Three Classrooms, Three Cities

3rd graders participating in "Third Grade City"For the last several weeks, Mrs. Atherine's, Ms. Lavetter's, and Mrs. Wolff's third grade classes have been learning about the components of a city, from government to economy. Each class created a name for their city, and studied the function of businesses with regards to supply and demand. The unit culminated in "Third Grade City," an event where community members are invited in to populate the cities, spending their money on various goods and services. Classes were then able to discuss the successes of each business, helping students understand entrepreneurship and community.

FM Systems Improve Learning Environment for Elementary Students

Mrs. Prevette pictured in front of her SMARTboardMrs. Kristin Prevette, and the majority of the elementary teaching staff can be seen using the FM assistive technology system purchased for elementary classroom use.  FM systems help students to focus on what the teacher is saying so that background noises don’t interfere with their hearing. While students with auditory problems benefit from its use, students with typical hearing benefit as well.  Research from Pamela Millett, in an article titled, “Sound Field Amplification Research Summary” (2008), suggests that all students have a better ability to discriminate words and spoken language, demonstrate improved scores in dictated spelling tests, improve behaviors, and score higher on phonemic awareness tests when the FM systems are in use.  Because students spend a high percentage of their classroom time listening to their teachers, FM systems are an additional way to improve classroom performance. Mrs. Prevette shared that her students often remind her to turn it on because the tone of her voice is not as loud as some other teachers.  She said, “I just love it!”

PB & J Drive

Students pictured helping with the PBJ Drive

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